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Saturday, 27 August 2011

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How To enter?

How to enter? You might have trouble..

1) Message me Shanbrenajanaja on woozworld or Shan Woozworld on Facebook and Show me your Unitz! Woozworld-A tour around it. Facebook-Just upload your pic.

1) Get a pic of your unitz. (Prt Scr Key eg.)
2) Upload it on Facebook
3) If you dont have a facebook..Just tell me the link of your pic
4) ( the link e.g.
5) If you dont know how to put your Picture on the link then just read on
6) Go On and upload your pic there. (1 min only) Heres the link-
7) Type the link - Example 
On the comment Page :)
8) This would be easier if I had a sumbit podz..-.- Grr
9) Thanks for enterting! Good Luck

Woozworld: New Unitz Compeition!

Woozworld: New Unitz Compeition!: Hey Guys! Shan Here writing away like the wind! Well I have some news Woozworld maybe didnt notice. I found out many woozens have same unit...

New Unitz Compeition!

Hey Guys!
Shan Here writing away like the wind! Well I have some news
Woozworld maybe didnt notice. I found out many woozens have same
unitz as popular ones like -Adoption Center , Closets , Makeovers , Games ,
Luck Race , Free Time! For all different kind of reasons! Well thats great every
woozens using ideas and getting creative but I have a new week challenge!
I want to see your ideas by creating a "One of a kind" Unitz which probarbly
didnt be created by no-one! Or maybe a few but its up to you to show
your mind blowing ideas!
Maybe It will get popular on Woozworld and you will be Thanked for!
This competition is for all woozens to participate in! Its all for a good wooz cause
and you will regreat it so start creating!
I just wanted to this compeition as lots of Woozens are struggling with wooz?
So if you need wooz? Right now? Enter and you will get a high quality of wooz!

Just Read Here below for more rules and terms! Pictures available for you to understand more!

Here are the rules:

1) Create a unitz which maybe was never on woozworld

 Just A unit for Example. (Smile Corner)

2) Enter it By today and  5th September  2011

3) Entries Option :
Post a link on the blog with a picture of your unitz or..
Show me a tour around your unitz on woozworld (Me-Shanbrenajanaja)

4) Winners will be said on 5th September  2011 11:30 wooztime
Prizes :
Winner- 150 Wooz and a special Luxury Item
2nd Place- 100 wooz and a Premium Item
3rd Place- 50 Wooz

Good Luck! 

Wooz Paper 40! Already?

Hey Guys! Woozworld Fans..
Woozworld has been working as they already got 40 WoozPapers already?!They Thank everybody who read the blog..Sumbitt articles and take part to be feautured! Right here! Right now!
New Items In stock! Just Visit the WzW High Hallway 1 to get a Sunshinz Catcher Jacket and catch the Sunshinez which will appear anytime as you logg in..or visiting unitz! Happy Hunting!  NEW WzW High unitz and outfits to make you create your football teams and cheerleading squad! New Competition for you guys! Read Below

Weekend Eventz 

We got spirt, yes we do! We got spirit, how about you?!

This weekend Plush would love to see you and some friends gather round for a bit of a cheerup or a kick up!
Gather Round some Woozens (5 Maximum) together and make an option of 2 which are here :
1) CHEERLEADING SQUAD! Make a unitz showing where the cheerleaders work hard and cheer! Maybe show a little cheer while Plush stops by and Make sure to shake those pom poms! Give yourself a cheertastic name and dont forget to wear those outfits! (Cheer leading Yetis!) Whoot
2) FOOTBALL TEAM! Boys in particular you can Make a football stadium where your team practices their footwork! Give your self a Footie Tastic name and Starting kicking! 

Everything ready? Now what.. Well now you  Display Eventz on either Saturday between 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM WoozTime or Sunday at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM WoozTimeso Plush can stop by to see your footie tastic and pom pom mania SKILLS!!!
46-34-22 HUT!

Highlights of the Week

Monday –  1 2 3 ACTION! Mya’s Fashion Show She wanted to see what kind of schools you had to create! Put that frown upside down if you didnt make it..But Mya's Fashion Show didnt stop! Congratulations to the winner of this week’s Fashion Show and our brand NEW Star of the WeekBailey1825 !! Have a look at a snapshot from the contest below, can you guess the theme? Its PJ Party!! Lol :P
Tuesday – So Jay had a bit of trouble choosing the 5 WINNERS AND 5 BACK UPS because of your mind blowing skills! Stop torturing him!! But at the end he tackled your challenges and found the right and he means..RIGHT winners for the new 10 doors leading to your unitz! The more woozens the more you have a chance of being on TOP UNITZ!!!!!!! Ahem..Furhterado here are you winners!
Runners Up:
Wednesday – Free DragonS? Looks like everybody on Woozworld have a pet now! Nice of Jenny to grant you free items.If she does that everyday you will be running to the books! Well that was a book reading week but make sure to catch her up next time at the normal timing! See you there.

Thursday – Thanks for coming to Max's Game show everybody! You won a lot of prizes by just playing games! Fan-Tastic! Well done and make sure to Catch Max Next time to win MIND BLOWING prizes :)

FridayLate Night with Mya Show at 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM WoozTime. Dont miss it!

Woozen Articles

“WzW High Teachers!” by NeeChee001
This Week Woozens are going CRAZY with the opportunity to become a WzW High Teacher! Geography, Maths, Science, History, there’s so many to choose from! You could even create your own subject! All you have to do is create a unitz which will be that classroom! I’m going for music, what will you choose??? Hurry though, entries have to be in by the 28th of August! Visit the WzW High School Entrance to submit your unitz! Good Luck to all woozens entering!
“Online Dating Safety” by Samigrl101
Hey, Woozens! Samigrl101 here to talk about online dating, and how to be safe. So as some may know,  Woozworld has gotten Boyfriend/Girlfriend type relationships (awhile ago) that you can purchase in the Kiosk. But with this dating, we do need to remain safe at all times. Online dating can be fun, but DO NOT get too serious. For example: Don’t give out any personal information. Phone numbers, Cities, States, Countries, Etc. We all agreed to the Terms Of Use when we signed up for WoozWorld. We still need to follow the rules which we agreed to follow. It’s for our safety. Thanks for taking your time to read! Have fun dating (while being safe :D ) Note: I did not mean to direct this at any one woozen.
“Dragon Fever” by kimella9
Have u seen the new dragon woozpetz? Well u should they r totally cute. You get them by going to Magnificent Wall. You have to collect all the books there and here come the dragon. They are like the ordinary woopetz dragons just look a little different. They eat the same energy for only 1 wooz. Almost every woozen has them so what r u waiting for go to Magnificent Wall and get your Magnificent Chinese Dragon. Do you have the dragon fever?
“Those Dramatic Scenes” by Dazzslyn
Hey! This is Dazzslyn but nowadays I prefer Daisy. Today I want those dramatic scenes GONE! So here are a few brief recent questions and problems woozens are going through and they shall be SOLVED!
Getting tired of those threatening messages?  Still getting worried that your account is unprotected? Tired of getting picked on and talked about because of your looks? Well those questions can be answered and solved today!
If you are getting threatening messages dont respond meanly. Just tell them No thanks cause woozens cant tell you what to do and what you have to give them. People will message you saying “Gimme your account , My dad owns WoozWorld so i can get you banned if you dont”. Well there dad doesn’t own WoozWorld. Pay attention to what they said cause you can catch on to what there doing, If there dad owns WoozWorld they could get bout anything they want 9 times out of 10.
If you feel as if your account may be unprotected , change your password every once and a while. And if you happen to notice stuff is missing change your email pass cause they might be sending the pass to your email getting into it to get your pass!
Many woozens go around saying I HAVE 9999 WOOZ! Well you never know they might have it and just dressed differently. Its ok to try new looks! They might not be YOUR favorite but they might like it. Still even if there lying.. Whether you know or not , you shouldnt be mad at them for lying cause its not YOUR wooz! And listen, dont get mad at someone if they dont have new clothes. Cause you know, you’ve felt the experience. Remember when you might have been lost when woozworld / kidstudio began. Keep in mind , how would you feel in there shoes?
Reminder: When someone apologizes, accept it cause they are at least admitting what they did wrong.

Thanks for Reading Guys! 

XOXO Shan!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Books and New PetZ...

Hey Magnificent 12 Fanz,
Another Week is started packed with Magnificent Bookz, Magnificent bookz Club, Magnificent writing challenge and Magnificent prizes!!!Get Bookz 16 to 20 to complete your Magnificent 12 Collection… Place all of them in your BookzCase to receive your Magnificent Achievement!
Visit the Magnificent Wall!
Click on all the books and recieve 50 beex for each which will leave you with 250 beex each day! A suprise will also happen once you have collected the whole pack! Check your WooPetz and Recieve a chinese Dragon! WOW!! A free Pet :) Thanks Woozworld. A new novel is being launched in the Magnificent 12 Series and it’s all about thrills, dragons and mystery! This adventurous new book will take you to great and amazing places to collect clues, escape traps and assemble the 12… Got to read the book to discover more! Visit Woozworld’s Magnificent Wall!!!

Wednesday is New Bookz day!
The Magnificent 12: The Trap
Prince Caspian
Warriors #1: Into the Wild
Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism
Join us for these cool eventz…
Wednesday: Jenny’s Bookz Club meets in the Magnificent Wall at 2:00 PM WoozTime & 7:00 PM WoozTime
Friday: Writing challenge for this week will have a magnificent theme: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and why?
Have a Magnificent week Woozens,
xoxo Shan!

A teacher to be Woozen!

Hey Guys! Or shall I say teachers...
t WzW High School has elected a Student Council, it’s time to hire some teachers so we can open the rest of the school in September!
We need you to create unitz to finish of the Wzw High Launching!

This is a unitz design challenge where the winners will earn a teaching position at WzW High School for the classroom that they built. (For example, if you would like to teach Science then you must build a Science Lab.)
There is NO LIMIT to how many classrooms will be added (we can always add more hallways) BUT there will only be ONE selected for each subject (i.e. there won’t be two math classes chosen). Also, you can only apply for ONE teaching position (so choose wisely)! Make sure to build the most amazing classroom ever since this will definitely be a tough competition!
Here is a list of classroom ideas (but feel free to make one that’s not on here!):
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Gym
  • Computers
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Music
Good Luck and Sumbit your unitz and speech at the Pink Podz at Wzw High School!
Thanks for reading
xoxo Shan!